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Corporate  Close- Up Magician & Wedding Emcee Singapore

Professional Wedding Emcee Singapore Magician Singapore
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Professional Wedding Close Up Magician In Singapore
Don't you want your guests to be amazed & happy_ Leaving them with an unforgettable memory

Magicessential is the brainchild of an impressive magician in Singapore named Martin Goh. Wedding emcee Singapore and party magician Martin Goh provides close-up magic, birthday party magician service for any events & Magic Show. He has been practicing magic for more than 10 years. As a seasoned magician, he specializes in close-up magic & wedding emcee Singapore as he likes to interact with the audience. He derives great joy in learning, practicing and performing magic as birthday party magician He has come up with many unique routines that can even fool magicians. He believes that magic shows run by passionate party magicians can bring happiness and miracles in people's lives.

Martin Goh is the type of magician who does not need a stage to perform. He will create a fantastic atmosphere for your event, as his style of magic show is highly visual, impossible and frequently happens in the hands of the guests! Just imagine a card that you have signed before, suddenly and inexplicably ends up in his mouth! Imagine a normal rubber band transformed into a star-shaped band in their hands! Wedding emcee Singapore Martin Goh has been going around and amused audiences particularly in Hotel Re!, Shangri La Hotel, The Line, La Cantine, Forlino, District 10, Marriott Hotel and many other weddings and corporate events in Singapore. 

With an experienced roving party magician for your event, there will be no dull moments. You will not need to worry about your guests having awkward or silent moments as our magician will initiate the communication for them.

When you hire the right professionals Wedding Emcee Singapore & Birthday Party Magician, you can be sure that your guests will surely remember your wedding or party as the best one they have ever attended.

roving magic

Martin Goh is a world-renowned magician who has been captivating audiences for over a decade. With his unique blend of magic, comedy, and audience participation, Martin's performances are always a hit. Whether you're looking for entertainment for a corporate event, private party, or any other occasion, Martin Goh is the perfect choice. Book him today and experience the magic for yourself!

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