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Wow! What an event!


Food makes an event memorable.


Music will also make a party fun.


But what truly makes any occasion even more memorable is entertainment.


When all the food has been consumed, when all the guests are tired of dancing, one thing that will keep them glued to their seat is great entertainment such as a magic show in Singapore.


If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding, corporate event, or just about any occasion, all you need is to call on MagicEssential. We offer engaging wedding emcee service as well as professional magic shows.


Add an element of surprise

Having a magic show on the most important day of your life makes the occasion all the more exciting not only for you but for your guests as well.


Because a wedding emcee magician can pull tricks that will surprise and thrill you and your family and friends, you can be sure to not worry about keeping everyone entertained. What’s even more exciting is that our magic show is made closer to your guests than the traditional on stage acts.


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Why Hire a Wedding Emcee Singapore & Magician

There are many ways to entertain your guests at your wedding.


You can hire fire dancers, circus acts, DJs, photo booths, liquor bars, bouncy castles, live bands, and singers, to name a few.


But if you want to entertain guests aged 9 to 90, a stage magic show would be your best bet.


Fill the silence

Not everyone seated at a table probably doesn’t know each other. This can make things awkward, especially if they don’t have much to talk about. But with a wedding emcee magician, he can work a room, unlike any other entertainer can. Our magic show does not need a stage, the whole venue is our stage! A seasoned roving magician knows that it’s important to go around all the guests to make sure they’re having the time of their lives.


Ensure everything goes as planned

Keeping everything running smoothly is one of the biggest things that can give couples and event organisers sleepless nights just thinking about it.


By hiring a wedding emcee Singapore that doubles as a magician, you can be sure that things go as planned. An experienced magician and emcee will fill all the voids during the party so you can take care of other important things.


Everyone will love you even more

Guests are there to celebrate this momentous event in your life. They went out of their way to be there for you and to show you their love and support. So it’s only fair that you make sure they’ll have a grand time at your event.


A magic show for your wedding in Singapore will definitely be the kind of wedding entertainment that will make every one of your guests happy and feel like a kid again.

Adapt to any circumstance 

Whether you have chosen a venue for 50 or 500 guests, wedding emcee Singapore magicians can perform acts that will have everyone laughing. They can also get the show started no matter the circumstances. Rain on your wedding day? The magic show can go on anywhere you want it to.


Aside from that, a close up magician can also set the tone of the event, ensuring that he is able to integrate it with the theme of your event. This means that a magician for your wedding entertainment will make sure that he customizes his tricks and the entire magic show to suit your preferences.


Magic and Fun


MagicEssential is dedicated to helping clients have the most unforgettable and most fun event. Contact me today to discuss your next event!

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“Bro keep it up with the great job! Alots of great feedbacks from guests and friends! Well entertained!”

Jason Hong

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Experience the Wonder of Wedding Emcee Singapore & Magic

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